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About Orthene

The world’s largest

specialist private label brake fluid manufacturer


Factory located in the United Kingdom


Dedicated brake fluid production lines


Brake fluid specifications


Countries regularly shipped to worldwide

Manufacturers of brake fluid since 1976

Alan Ker formulates the first low-hygroscopicity brake fluid – the forerunner of today’s DOT 4. As a result, he is invited to join the SAE Brake Fluid Standards Committee, as the first European to do so.


Alan Ker establishes Orthene as the first provider of high quality, private-label brake fluids to the industry sector.


Orthene pioneers the use of plastic packaging for brake fluid.


Orthene develops the first bag-in-box package for brake fluid.


Orthene develops its own exclusive packaging range for brake fluid.


Orthene develops its first brake fluid specifically for racing use.


Orthene achieves registration to the demanding QS 9000 quality system (later known as ISO TS 16949).


As the use of ESP braking systems increases, Orthene develops its first low viscosity DOT 4.


Continual innovation of brake fluids results in the development of Orthene’s 320 DOT 4, with the highest boiling point available.


Orthene develops a DOT 5.1 low-viscosity fluid, a world first.


Step change expansion of our capacity to keep up with global demand.


Orthene's product portfolio exceeds 100 brake fluid specifications. The largest range available anywhere in the world.


Another specification added to the portfolio as Orthene develops the RR363® brake fluid for the early Rolls Royce and Bentley models.


Orthene develops the world's first brake fluid specifically for Electric and Hybrid vehicles, named the DOT 5.1 EHV.


Yet another huge breakthrough for the racing industry as Orthene develop the world’s first DOT 4 racing brake fluid that boils over 330°C. This is now the highest boiling point brake fluid in the world that conforms to the DOT standards.


We’re the only global player to specialise in hydraulic brake fluids and associated products.

Maintaining a consistent emphasis on this ‘life-critical’ product, we support you with products, advice and services.

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Single Source Solution

Our extensive facilities enable us to provide a complete package solution

We believe you should be able to rely on one company for all your brake fluid needs. We handle all aspects of design, legislation advice and manufacture on your behalf:


Orthene today produces the widest range of brake fluids in the world, supplying an international customer base

Approvals are held with many global braking system manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and NATO. Customers include both international petrochemical companies and specialist lubricant manufacturers.

Industry Sectors


Well-equipped laboratories and technical staff form our R&D hub and maintain strict quality control

Simulated brake systems recreate the most demanding conditions in our laboratories, to ensure that our products are ‘fit for purpose’. Orthene has one of the few approved brake fluid testing laboratories in Europe. The quality of our products is matched by our own range of packaging, which is custom designed to protect the brake fluid, ensuring it is in the best possible condition. Any proprietary packaging is extensively tested before it is accepted for use.


We’re committed to providing you with a complete package to support the success of your brand

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Certified to the exacting automotive quality standards; IATF 16949 as well as ISO 9001

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